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We aim to create a community which empowers and encourages the growth and participation of women in the field of Computational Science Research.

This community is for minorities within the field of computational science research which includes but not limited to: computer science, applied mathematics, computational mathematics/statistics, machine learning, data science/mining, robotics, AI and any other related field.

1st Women in Computational Science Research Workshop

We are launching this community with a full day event with the theme:

You can’t be what you can’t see!

In this event we aim to inspire women researchers by allowing them close proximity to amazing women in the field and information to help them be well informed on the different options available in research (in Gauteng for the first year).

In particular, we will be:

  1. Highlighting various research areas including career paths in research
  2. Highlighting labs or various research groups at different universities
  3. Have interactive sessions to help form a community
  4. And finally a panel session to close the event.

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